The dance teacher

Hello, my name is Anna I’m a 35 year old dance teacher, I’ve been teaching dance of all types since I was 28, I used to be a professional ballerina but various injuries put paid to my career and I … Read More

Aunt Peggy

I’m Dan now 23 and 5 years ago my Aunt Peggy was 34, divorced and a little overweight and 5’3. She is a lawyer by profession and had no children then, I had just turned 18. The family was altogether … Read More

What a son he is

When I least expected it, my life was turned around. Mark, my son, finished school for the summer term. He was at home to await for his results, as most of his friends were some distance away he spent a … Read More

Long way home.

I sat on my front porch and took in the incredible breath taking view that was painted out by God before me. Alaska was like no other place in the world. It was as wild and deadly, as it was … Read More

Young fun never regret

I am secretly sexualy having as much fun as we can with my sister.we been helping out each other for many years am a naughty Mr.. Started just kissing then playing with her tight fanny having a taste of a … Read More

Designated Carer

I’m Malcolm 26 a university dropout and the third child of International Bank CEO. I’m a great disappointment to my family. No aptitude for anything that the family thinks is important. I like working with my hand, wood & metal … Read More

A stormy night

Originally published on my first account under Snyper86 You are driving down a country road, late at night. There is a massive storm raging around you. Lightning splits the sky and thunder shakes the car. The storm came up suddenly. … Read More

The Cheerleader Harem: Chapter 1

“Tell me what you want.” This time there was no hesitation; no second guessing. She knew exactly what she wanted and she told me in only two words. “Fuck me.” Powered by WPeMatico